What to Wear When Going to a Concert

I’m not sure what dress I picked, what to wear when going to a concert? It was probably more practical than fashion-forward.

As in college I was a college freshman and I saw Dierks Bentley along with my brother-in-law on the PNC Arts Center in New Jersey. It was summer and I was more worried about staying cool in being able to withstand the East Coast heat than I was thinking about what I should wear to a concert

I am aware there is a compromise and I am able to look pretty and dress according to the forecast for the weather. I’ve also got an outfit that I have in the back of my mind whenever I consider what I’ll wear to a concert in the near future. It’s comprised of a white V-neck top with distressed jeans shorts, cowboy boots that fit calfs and an flannel with a checkered pattern that I’ve wrapped to my waist. It’s a bit cliché I know but I’ve been turning at Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw music videos to get ideas, and I love the style. And, I’ll find any excuse to put on plaid.

Of obviously, wearing flannel at the country show isn’t a requirement (just highly suggested). If gingham isn’t something you’re used to but you’re planning to attend an event, your the personal stylist Christina Stein has you covered. Here, she breaks down her top three essential elements to the southern look in 2022. Wear one or more of these three elements at your next country show and you’ll surely stand out.

Sneak In Some Fringe Details

Fringe is having an era for long time with stars like Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid including the tassel design into their outfits. Fringe was also a hot item at the runways this season (see Austalian designer Zimmerman, luxury retailer Etro, the luxury brand of ready-to-wear Jonathan Simkhai along with Italian fashion designer Alberta Ferretti for reference) But don’t let its appearance in couture deceive you. Stein believes that the style could be a reference to Down Home and has been striking during country shows.

“You can have fringe on your boots, denim jacket or top, handbag, or a statement belt to wear over your shorts,” she says when she talks about the latest fashion. “The possibilities are endless — and it gives texture and personality to even the simplest look.”

Wear When Going to a Concert

Rock a Pair of Cowboy Boots

Although it might sound cliche I’m trying to figure out How can you have an event in the country that isn’t complete without cowboy shoes? Incomprehensible, that’s what.

The footwear trend is popping up all over the place and celebs have been seen sporting the style in casual, everyday outfits (no requirement for a country show). In the month of April Emily Ratajkowski was spotted going out with her son for strolling around through the city of Mahattan wearing a pair of cowboy boots by Zara. Fashion editors also love the high-heeled shoes of Larroude The bag, shoe and clothing brand that has been endorsed by Jill Biden, Gwyneth Paltrow along with Vanessa Hudgens.

“They add a little edge to softer silhouettes,” Stein suggests when deciding what outfits to pair with your cowboy boots. “Denim daisy dukes and boots are classic pieces to wear, but don’t forget that your boots can also be worn with a dress or a romper!

Top Off Your Look With A Cowboy Hat

Aside from the stereotypical accessories connected with southern culture stars and designers have been making a arguments for cowboy hats during the last year.

Beyonce For instance, she donned a blue cowboy cap in a commercial for her clothing label, Ivy Park, on Instagram at the end of summer (with fringed facemasks and white, chunky sneakers too) and Jennnifer Lopez was seen in a toe-to-toe Ralph Lauren at the 2021 Met Gala, complete with an unkempt and brown cowboy’s hat. The style also appeared on runways of this season, featuring designers ranging from Kim Shui to Gucci, accepting the Y2K Western fashion.

How do you put on the cowboy hat at the country music festival without looking like a walking cliché? Stein states that attention to the smallest of details is crucial.

Instead of doing the typical neutral colors, go with bright colors and some hot accessories like feathers or chains, she told. This will really bring your personal edge to the look. Be bold.

All images inculeded from www.pexels.com