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11 Vegan Handbags Look Stylish In Your Hands

What are the most popular vegan handbags? Gunas, Hemincuff, and Nanushka are currently the most stylish handbags.

All vegan leathers are not produced equally, however. If you can, steer clear of vegan leather made of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC for short. PVC does not break down biodegradable and is responsible for producing microplastics consumed by animals and fish. Additionally, making PVC leads to the production of dioxin, a highly toxic contaminant made by humans that stays inside the body for a longer duration. Also, consider that PVC isn’t easily recycled and is frequently combined with phthalates during manufacturing. Then we’re sold on making use of it as minimally as possible.

We’ve identified nine brands that create stunning vegan bags and purses proudly sporting that “cruelty-free” logo. They use recycled materials, polyurethane leather (vegan leather), natural cotton, and twill to create bags designed to match any attire or event.

If you’re interested in incorporating more products that are vegan in your wardrobe, make sure to check out our guide to vegan-friendly bags!

1. Gunas Rotunda Handbag

Based in Long Island City, NY, Gunas makes vegan handbags made of cruelty-free and non-PVC-free materials. It also uses recycled nylons, coated canvas cork and rubber, recycled polyester, and a patented ultra-leather. Being one of the first entirely vegan top fashion brands worldwide, Gunas has been selling vegan footwear and bags for the past ten years.

Gunas Rotunda Handbag

2. Hemincuff Steff Origami Bag

I had a difficult finding a crossbody bag(opens in a new tab) that is stylish and elegant. The bag I purchased from Hemincuff is my current favorite. It is spacious enough to hold all my essentials and features an adjustable shoulder strap to ensure it’s not too big on my slim frame. It’s also a luxurious design that matches every semi-formal outfit I wear.

Hemincuff Steff Origami Bag

3. Santos Agave Triangular Tote in Green

The exterior of this adorable bag is hand-crafted using the cactus’s fiber “leather,” while the interior has a lining made of a mix of recycled plastic bottles. For each handbag sold, Santos will also plant trees.

Santos Agave Triangular Tote in Green

4. Nanushka Jen Vegan Leather Bag

Nanushka is a long-time editor’s choice due to its wide selection of vegan leather handbags that are perfect for night or day wear. The style is comfortable and is available in colorful shades. The black color is a great starting point.

Nanushka Jen Vegan Leather Bag

5. Alexandra K Model 1.4

The bag is well worth the price for its clarity and dedication to the latest plant-based materials. The stylish model 1.4 is black. Model 1.4 is “grape leather,” made from 75 percent wine remnants, grape oils, and 25 percent polyurethane. Attached with non-toxic glue and hand-crafted hardware, it’s gorgeous right down to the smallest of small details.

Alexandra K Model 1.4

6. MALI + LILI Jamie Vegan Leather Weekend Bag

I cannot say enough wonderful positive things regarding Angela Roi. Every time I wear this Grace mini crossbody shown here and that Hamilton handbag, I receive numerous compliments for the color and the high end. The luxury handbag brand based in NYC insists on ethical sourcing and pays focuses on detail.

MALI + LILI Jamie Vegan Leather Weekend Bag

7. Angela Roi Grace Micro Crossbody

This polyurethane backpack with a textured design from the cult label made of vegans Angela Roi is decked out with a compartment for phones and an adjustable chain strap making it a practical choice to use daily. Angela Roi also aims to be transparent in how it conducts its business and says it pays its artisans fair wages and works in clean and safe factory conditions.

Angela Roi Grace Micro Crossbody

8. Noiranca Patti Bag

If you cannot pick between two colors, the two-tone bag offers two colors that can be easily styled. The PETA-approved vegan leather is made of 58 percent recycled materials. It has 100 recycled microsuede linings.

Noiranca Patti Bag

9. HOZEN Black Heart Bag

Dittmer praises the small L.A.-based business HOZEN for its program to give back. If you’ve outgrown one of its bags, bring them back to be reused. Made from biopolyoil–polyurethane mixed with a byproduct of the grain industry–its heart-shaped bag is a vegan dream.

HOZEN Black Heart Bag

10. Laflore Paris Vegan Convertible Bag

Laflore Paris is a creation of Elie Seroussi, creator of CECILE & JEANNE, a well-known Parisian jewelry designer, and their daughter Natasha. The brand was created in Paris Laflore eco-friendly designer clothing bags for women display the most stunning levels of effortlessly elegant. Made by expert craftsmen using the finest eco-friendly materials, every Laflore Paris bag is rugged, chic, and stylish. It is made to flatter women’s figures.

Laflore Paris Vegan Convertible Bag

11. LUXTRA Ivy Vegan Tote

Every bag is certified B Corp Luxtra’s range is named in honor of a stunning woman who inspired the company’s founder, Jessica Kruger. We love the chic Maya tote that is an ode to the civil rights activist, legendary poet, and author of her name was Maya Angelou. This Italian-made tote is made of skins of apples made using waste materials derived from the industry’s fruit juice trash. We like the PETA-certified tote that comes in stone green, but the bag is also offered in Burgundy and Black & Blue (in the apple skin leather).

LUXTRA Ivy Vegan Tote

Things to Look For in Vegan Handbags

  • The durability of purses made of leather is long-lasting. This is a disadvantage if they’re in an abandoned landfill but a good thing when they’re on your dresser. If you’re planning to purchase a vegan bag made of plastic, the most helpful thing to choose is one that you’ll love for all.
  • It would help if you also were mindful of when you take care of the item you keep, as plastic microparticles can be released during washing and end up in waterways. Thankfully, this is less important with purses made of synthetic material than it is with, for example, bathing suits.
  • To help make the right choices in your purchase, Fashion editor Fiko mentions that vegan leathers made of PVC and PU are made from recycled materials like drinking water bottles made of plastic. Many new vegan types of leather are made from plants, not made of plastics. “Pinatex is a popular one made of pineapple leaf fiber which is now available to many big companies,” Fiko says. Mycelium-based leather hides and algae coatings are also being developed.
  • Keep in mind that, aside from GOTS, these other certifications don’t guarantee the product is truly organic or natural in its origin. For instance, OEKO Tex, Bluesign, Made Safe, and Fair Trade products can all contain synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and acrylic, in addition to traditional cotton. Online clothing stores can serve as a valuable resource for learning more about a fashion topic, or it may spark fresh ideas.
  • Certifications to search for include Fair Wear Foundation, International Labor Organization, SA8000, and WRAP, BSCI, which are focused on workplace fair practices and social accountability.

Vegan Handbags FAQs

Is vegan leather good to use in bags?

Vegan leather is typically much thinner than genuine leather and lighter in weight. This is fantastic for fashion since it is much more manageable, but it can also make it less durable than genuine leather.

How do you think the lifespan of vegan leather will be?

Most vegan leathers are acknowledged to wear away faster than genuine leather. This makes it less durable than one would expect. But, the most commonly used varieties of vegan leather, like PVC and PU, can still last for a time that spans between two and five years.

Does vegan leather crack with time?

While the price tag of faux leather could be appealing, it’s essential to consider the long-term worth of the purchase. Although many faux types of leather are attractive due to their ability to clean using harsh chemicals, the laminated surface typically breaks after a couple of years of usage.

What happens when you are bitten by wet vegan leather?

The faux (and vegan) leather can withstand much more soak than animal leather yet be perfectly perfect. This is because it is composed of polyurethane material (or occasionally apple and pineapple) and can withstand the water-proof properties of this material. In the majority of cases, the water won’t cause any harm.

What are the negatives of leather made vegan?

• It isn’t breathable and is incredibly not breathable. PVC fake leather.
• Faux leather has a different patina or luster than genuine leather.
• Faux leather is more ecologically inefficient than natural leather since genuine leather is a byproduct of cows that are processed for their meat.

Final Words

Although in the past, the leather options were mainly made of plastic (PVC and polyurethane) which could have negative environmental impacts, today’s alternatives are more efficient and better. As sustainable innovation in materials continues to be a trend in fashion, many handbags are vegan and constructed from plant-based materials made from pineapple, mushrooms, apple, corn, and Cactus. In addition, biodegradable, recycled, and recycled synthetic materials.

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