Ulla Johnson Pre-Fall 2023

Ulla Johnson said of her stunning pre-fall images featuring Jamaica’s lush landscape as the Ulla Johnson Pre-Fall 2023 background.

“We’re famous for our vibrant colors, our optimism and happiness, so to bring all of the same qualities into this hyper-tropical landscape was thrilling,” Ulla Johnson said of her stunning pre-fall images featuring Jamaica’s lush landscape as the background. The designer engaged Nadine Ijewere, not just to shoot the campaign, but also to provide inspiration to the collection’s moody seasonal vibe and was with vibrant colors and exquisite workmanship.

Johnson’s pre-fall fashions -“clamp dyed “clamp dyed” silk habotai gowns with soft shirrings and ruffles in intense citrine, hibiscus, and tangerine shades — immediately stood out as top-of-the-line. “Each band is created exclusively by hand. It’s awe-inspiring because they can create an aesthetically pleasing look,” she said, saying the collection was created by a group of women in Bangalore.

In keeping with the hand-made, Johnson collaborated in collaboration with Afghan refugees living in Pakistan to develop this collection’s classic Afghani thread-wrapped tassels that are worn over shibori gowns and working at New York City to craft the different colored dresses and separates that feature circular inserts. The collection also included hand-crafted space-dyed, artisanal waved knits created from Manos of Uruguay (a design that was incorporated into leather accessories) as well as allover pinwheel floral panel embroidery that were in homage to her Serbian heritage; hand-crafted “found items” accessories; gossamer butterflies dresses made of lace; Lurex flecked jacquards; an ongoing play on floral and geometric prints and new denim and stylish soft layers of technical utility with enticing colors inspired by watercolor. Even in soft simple monochrome gowns with soft sheer shirring, cascading cascading ruffles and pleating that was textural the signature “touched with a hand” feel of a touch that continues to shine.

“We were able to experience an abundance of innovation this season in terms the tailoring process and more fitting designs. We’re known for our poetry and we always strive to stay true to our heritage however, we’re always creating new forms for this year,” She spoke of her collection’s mix of feminine, slimmed-down volumes and romantic utility designs. The idea was well-layered over categories and up, providing the collection a poetic and beautiful (and extravagant) balance from beginning to end.

Images and videos included from "www.instagram.com", "Creative Commons License", "www.pexels.com".