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Sunspel And Edie Campbell Designs Reality TV Capsule Collection

The small collection is a series inspired by men’s clothes. What does Sunspel And Edie Campbell Designs need to create a capsule collection?

The model shared her enthusiasm about her new venture with British brand Sunspel, saying that it smelled like biscuits and tea.

Another factor that convinced her was the fact that T-shirts were designed for James Bond by the brand while still producing sustainably.

She designed a small collection of pieces inspired by men’s clothes. Campbell was wearing the mustard yellow cable sweater, which she joked she had worn for only four days.

“Men have a very reliable uniform. When they put on something nice, it looks great. That idea was translated into a capsule for women. She said that it takes some of the work out of dressing up.

Campbell, 32, said he feels more settled in his clothes and how he wants to look. Menswear classics are the clothes I feel most at ease in and where I can express myself clearly. Camila Cabello can provide you with some ideas regarding fashion goods or deciding to make a move.

Jarvis Cocker, Harry Wormwood (“Danny DeVito’s character in “Matilda“), and David Bowie were her muses when she designed the pieces. These included the double-breasted checked blazer, tweed coat, light knit polos, funnel-neck tops, and tailored trousers.

Campbell’s long-time collaborator Alasdair MacLellan shot the collection in the English countryside.

She recalled the cool girl she was two years ahead of her at school and how she styled her shoes, including wearing no soles.

She’s now searching eBay for bargains. “I’m assuming that a few sellers I found are factory second. She said one seller would have everything, from Haider Ackermann to great luxury items.

“I watch so much trash TV. Campbell admitted that she is a sucker for reality TV and listed her favorite shows, including “Married at First Sight,” Love Island, “Below the Deck,” and “Selling the OC.”

What would her reality TV show be? Campbell said she would like to appear on “Selling the OC” or “Selling Sunset.”

Campbell will, for now, focus on Sunspel sales.

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