Stevie Knit (Ribbed) Lounge Set Review

Is this Stevie Ribbed Knit Lounge Set comfortable? And how much will it cost? In this review, we will look at the product.

The Stevie is elegant and minimal. Stevie is an elegant, subtle lounge set with a loose, comfortable crew neck sweater. It also comes with an ankle-length pant that is soft to the touch.

Stevie is a great knit sleep set. The front top has a striped crew neckline with the form of a crop and a top length. The top back features the center seam, a pieced or solid gallon-laced back opportunity. This solid backing is completed with picot or lace. You can choose between straps with adjustable straps or fixed straps. Shorts come with high-rise or mid-rise features and knit waistbands. Select a plain or gallon short lace panel. The short hemlines are all completed with picot or lace. Ideal for formal occasions or worn every day.

It’s hard to benefit from swooning over the incredibly silky fabric that is the Stevie Ribbed Knit Lounge Set. This set of two pieces is trendy and comfortable. Wear it at home or underneath your favorite jacket while running errands. This will be the go-to for this winter to keep us comfortable.

Review: Stevie Knit Lounge Set

I tested out the outfit for bedtime for my partner this evening. The first time he wore it, he felt different, but she was not familiar with it. However, she quickly adapted. As a professional, the mattress is comfortable. It feels like cotton when you lie down. With regards to appearance, it’s gorgeous. It’s like a dress made by our mom. It is available for its price and performance product.

This product is not without its negative attributes, as well as essential attributes. My friend Taylor stated, “I get itchy after wearing it for extended durations.” A con is that itching can be present if you wear the item for an extended period of time. If you spill coffee or tea onto it, getting rid of the stain can be challenging. We’ve observed. It is possible that you feel differently.

The product is available through for $179.00. I am sure you will sleep comfortably when you buy this product. It’s not appropriate to wear it outside. You can enjoy a meal in the comfort of your home. Affordable maternity clothes can be a great method in which to learn or discover something fashion new.

Stevie Knit Lounge Set

Stevie Features

  • Made for knit fabrics.
  • V-neck with a lined front.
  • Two back options are available, either a solid or pieced lacing.
  • The backs of both options have a center seam running down the back. The hemline can be finished with a picot.
  • It is completed by putting lace or picots over the top.
  • Two strap options are available Fixed or adjustable straps.
  • Two short-rise choices, either high-rise or mid-rise.
  • Shorts are made with a waistband knit as well as lace or picot on the bottom of the hemline.
  • Two styles in the short panel: galloon or solid lacing panel.


A good nightie can be helpful during the hospital stay and feedings at night. The item retails for $179.00 and is now available for sale. Its easy-to-use up-and-down access will give you plenty of skin-to-skin contact with your baby.

Stevie Knit Features


  • The upper sizes are 31” to 53′ (or 78.7-134.6 cm
  • Fits all bust sizes from 30” to’ or 76.2-153.4 cm
  • Fits naturally-sized waist sizes between 23” and 57”, (or 58.4-134.6 cm.
  • Fits all hip sizes: 34”-64”, or 86.3 162.5 – 162.5 cm.


  • All options must be finished with 1-inch stretch trim lace and the edge of galloon stretch lace and picot elastic trim.
  • Adjustable strap choice will require rings of 1/2 inch and sliders.
  • Optional Optional: 1/4 3/8 transparent stretch lace or elastic to help stabilize seams.
  • Basics: threads, clips or pins, scissors, ruler, or marking tool. Ballpoint, stretch, or jersey needle.
Stevie Knit Fabrics


  • Fabric material will influence the drape and the fit.
  • Drafted to be appropriate for light-medium knits of at minimum 50 percent horizontal stretch, 30 percent vertical stretch, and a good recovery.
  • ITY, double-brushed bamboo, modal, polyester Lycra, high-end knits, ribbed knits, etc.
  • Lighter weight knits with no recovery, like rayon spandex, tend to ‘grow ‘ with wear and should not be used.
  • Fabrics with less vertical stretch or high recovery (such as French terry, athletic knit stretch velvet, and cotton lycra) can be used, but they may be much tighter than the intention. Consider taking a larger size or less seam allowance with these fabrics.
  • All options must be completed with 1-inch stretch trim lace or the edge of the galloon stretch lace, as well as picot elastic lace trim.
  • Galloon Stretch Lace for the lace panel at the bottom and the galloon back feature at the top; you’ll require the stretch galloon lacing (5 or larger for grey-yellow and 6 or greater to make orange navy). Check out galloon lace for more information.
Stevie Knit Notions

Stevie Knit Lounge Set FAQs

Are you able to wear Stevie loungewear knits to go out?

Don’t let the appearance fool you; it’s perfectly acceptable to dress casually outside of the home. Here are a few top ways to dress sweatshirts, hoodies, and joggers while you’re out and about.

Is Stevie knit lounge loungewear casual wear?

Casual attire will make you feel at ease while maintaining a professional appearance. Therefore, loungewear is more than just pajamas that are too comfortable and casual. Also, it’s not jeans that are more informal and more comfortable than loungewear.

Do you dress in Stevie knit lounge to bed?

In simple words, loungewear should be worn throughout the day at home or for running tasks. On the other hand, sleepwear is to be worn only at night, which is why we use the word “sleep” with sleepwear. We’ve got you covered if you’re trying to figure out how to keep them apart.

Final Words

This Stevie set is the perfect nightwear to feel put-together yet still relaxed. The top is slightly cropped and features an unstructured fit paired with the flared cropped pants! It is a great pair to go with white socks.

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