Renowned Velvet Manufacturers Redaelli 1893 and Bouton Renaud Collaborate

Renowned Redaelli 1893 and Bouton Renaud, Long-standing companies providing the fabrics to marquee fashion labels have joined forces.

It is believed that the Italian Redaelli 1893 is collaborating with Lyon based in France Bouton Renaud on a limited-edition line of velvets that highlight the variety and beauty in the fabrics.

The result is three-dimensional textiles that incorporate Bouton Renaud’s art and Redaelli 1893’s blend of traditional techniques, the latest innovations offered by its 19th-century looms, and continuous investment in the latest technologies.

The collection is dubbed “Les Annees Folles” this collection includes textiles made by the French firm, whose expertise is in silk and viscose velvets, and often jacquard. They were later handed over to Redaelli in 1893. The company created its signature finishing techniques, including 3D printing and textile corrosion. It improved to make chevron designs flowers in the style of Paul PoiretArt Deco graphics, and animalier prints.

“We attempted to combine our expertise, and to connect our uniqueness and make something unique in the world of velvet,” said Pierluigi Fusco Girard, the chief executive officer for Marzotto Lab, the division of the Marzotto Group that includes Redaelli 1893.

As well as an investment in the commercial market, this partnership will show both companies’ commitment to ensuring the production of high-end velvet. “We came together to provide an innovative take on velvet and move the category forward in the fashion industry,” Fusco Girard said. Steampunk Fashion to fashion can serve as a motivator for you to learn about new options, or it can provide you a brand-new perspective.

“We have decided to be trusting in each other and not come up with a strategy. The outcome is flawless. We got a brand new product with a fresh look as well as a new look and a new look,” Jean-Francois Renaud, the director of Velours de Lyon, parent of Bouton Renaud.

The author described the partnership as timely since the industry has been growing through 2022.

The album was an entire eighteen months to create. It will be released two years after the two entrepreneurs first discuss a possible collaboration.

In addition, the two business’s paths had crossed two times, first around the middle of the 19th century through JB Martin. This Lyon-based firm is known for its lightweight production of chiffon and velvet and is closely associated with both. They also met in the late 1990s, when the late Alfredo Redaelli founded Redaelli and helped Bouton Renaud continue to press at a time when velvet production within France was declining. French region was being taken down and the machines were being destroyed.

In the hopes of catering to elite luxury buyers, Both companies still need to map out a vast distribution strategy and instead are selecting key clients of both the textile specialists for whom the collection will be shown in mid-December. “We have on our fingers ten businesses around the globe which are likely to buy these products,” said Simone Pini, director of Redaelli 1893.

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