Petite Wide Leg Trousers

Shopping for a petite person could be a difficult. Anyone petite than average are familiar with the feeling of Petite Wide Leg Trousers that fit however.

Although hemming your clothes can be a good option, it’s a hassle and cost to have to go to the tailor each time you want to purchase new pants. Wide-leg pants are, in particular, an additional difficulty. The already baggy style can be a parachute when all you want is stylish flared trousers to wear to work. This is where it comes in, waiting to fulfill your prayers for shopping. Apart from their straight-legged sizes, the brand has all its trendy pants in petite sizes. Below, we have compiled the top wide-leg pants for petite women currently available on websites. Grunge Clothes of can be an excellent way for you to learn fashion works or even to receive a fresh perspective.

Best Petite Wide Leg Trousers

When you have decided on the direction you’d like to take; When you have chosen, the everyday jeans-related online-shopping concerns are in place. Are they available in my size? What width do I want my leg? Do I prefer jeans with low-rise and high-waisted jeans? What color should I go for? Are the jeans well-reviewed (especially by shorter people), and I won’t be able to test them out before buying them?

Lee Petite Regular Fit Bootcut Jean

Most skinny ones are classified with the term “wide leg,” — but bootcuts tend to be too big if you’re petite. The Lee Bootcut Jeans are the only exception. They’re a mid-waist fit and are available in two dark shades; however, the main selling feature is that they come in petite inseams. The reviews offer you the “perfect fit and length when wearing boots or shoes with some sort of heel.”

Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Wide-Leg Crop-Length Jean

The Amanda jeans by Gloria Vanderbilt check all the boxes needed for incredibly slim-fitting wide-leg jeans. They’re available in a wide range of sizes, including petite inseams. This means you’ll be able to find the perfect size. They’re also cropped and shouldn’t go over your ankles. The third reason is that their loose silhouette and lower rise mean they’re positioned at your natural waistline, even on shorter torsos. In addition, they’re well assessed with more than 700 5-star reviews, are comfortable due to their stretch-denim construction, and are available in various shades.

Lands End Mid-Rise Wide-Leg Ankle Pants

As we’ve previously mentioned, Many short individuals choose to wear cropped jeans that are then slashed at the ankle. However, the Lands’End wide-ankle pants are designed to provide an ankle-length fit for small people. They’re available in petite sizes and come with pre-hemmed inseams 25.5 inches in length. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable. Depending on the color you pick, it will look similar to jeans and slacks.

Goodthreads Coulotte Jean

The Goodthreads Coulotte jeans are rated with an overall score of 4.4 stars after more than 600 users have given their opinions. Eyebrow Slit can open your mind to new possibilities involving fashion.

They’re not available in small sizes. However, the 25.5-inch inseam is suitable for frames with shorter legs. (Some reviewers have cut the length to fit their preferences.) The high-rise waist of 11 inches has four fashionable buttons, mainly worn with broad legs and trendy colors. Because these jeans are made from a cotton-polyester-elastane blend, they have a lived-in feel that’s super stretchy and still retains its shape in between washes.

Lee High-Rise Relaxed Fit A-Line Crop Jean

Because the Lee cropped jeans are the perfect fit and are made of a mixture of recycled polyester, cotton spandex, rayon, and rayon and spandex, they’re among the best comfort on this list. The fabric is soft, breathable, and has a moderate stretch for you to move about. The 26-inch cropped inseam is ideal for petite people. Additionally, they have a range of classic accents, such as the iconic Lee patch and stitching along the edges.

Woman Within Plus Size Wide Leg Cotton Jean

The Woman Within cotton jeans come in a wide range of sizes that include regular, tall, and petite inseams, and the petite one measures 29 inches, an inseam that is, as one reviewer said, “just perfect and did not require shortening.” The design features two button closures and four pockets that are functional. You can pick from a range of shades.

Can Short Women Wear Petite Wide Trousers?

Let’s look at why small women are advised to avoid large-legged pants. The most crucial tip for styling petite women is to pick clothes that lengthen the little body with the clothes she chooses to wear to give an illusion of height. To achieve this, small women must choose clothes that vertically increase the body of a shorter person to appear taller. We’ve seen them on famous models of petite size like Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and others. They have shown that even petite women can wear this look! This means that short women should focus on what they select for this look. Wide Leg pants to look great on them.

Can Short Women Wear Petite Wide Trousers?

How To Style Wide Leg Pants If You’re Petite?

If you’re tiny (which is solely based on your body height and means that your body size is 5’4″ or less), Wearing anything comprehensive will make you feel as if you’re more petite than you are.

Fully Tuck Your Top

When I wear wide-leg trousers, I tend towards a more sculpted top. The trick is to fully tuck in whatever top you are wearing to maintain those proportions (bodysuits are perfect for this as they stay in place! ). Covering the waistline of your pant with the top can cut you off in a sloppy way. The shelters that are not form-fitting can work well with wide leg crop pants. I recommend tucking them in thoroughly and using some crossover tie or tuck so that it doesn’t look as bulky around the waist.

Make Sure The Pants Are A Cropped Length

The most important thing to remember when wearing wide-leg pants if you’re small is to ensure that they are cropped slightly. You’ll want your pant legs to be just above the ankle bone. If you’re wearing full-length wide-leg pants that go beyond your ankle bone, or drag across the ground, you’ll appear like the pants are on you rather than the reverse.

Opt For A Higher Rise That Hits You At Your Midsection

I also recommend wearing wide-leg pants that also have a higher rise. This is a matter of individual preference since I’m sure many petite ladies prefer a mid-rise as the high-rise can be too high. The upgrade should sit at your midsection to ensure that you appear proportional regardless of the appropriate height!

Shoes With Height

When you’ve got the basic outfit you want, you can now move on to the fun part, adding a 3rd accessory! I like wearing blazers, sweater blazers, and even slightly cropped jackets such as Suede or leather jackets with large-leg pants. It is essential to pick the right jacket or third piece that is just above or below your hips to ensure it doesn’t leave you in an awkward place.

How To Style Wide Leg Pants If You're Petite?

Petite Wide Leg Trousers FAQs

What is the most appropriate length for wide leg pants?

As a general rule for your hem, your leggings with wide legs should not exceed 1/4” to 1/2 inches above the floor and not less than 3” higher than the floor. In general, you should always protect your ankles.

Who is the best person to wear wide leg pants?

Wide-leg pants look great on almost all types of bodies. Petite, tall, curvy or boyish, they can fit you. They’re also versatile and make a perfect casual look when paired with a white tee or paired with an embroidered cami or silk blouse.

Are wide leg pants coming fashion in future?

The wide-leg style is fashionable for future, and the lower dropped, the more comfortable in a complete reverse direction of the wide-waisted designs of the past few years.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for a pair of jeans to stop these issues from happening, you’re in the right spot. There are fewer options for petite sizes (no joke intended), but there are lots of options that were designed to accommodate petite sizes through an inseam that is cropped or elastic ankles. Please scroll through the slideshow to explore our favorite petites trouser designs from wide-leg pants and leather trousers. I’m trying to help you be more fashion gorgeous with an article that is quick and easy to read. You may choose to read Designer Clothing right now, or you may read it for later.

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