Olsen Twins Popular Clothing Style Now (Mary-Kate Olsen)

Olsen twins popular clothing style now (Mary-Kate Olsen), The Kelly Bag is the most iconic piece of Olsen Twin Fashion.

This iconic Hermes design is a Olsen favourite — they each own several in different shades and textures of Black — and it represents everything they are known for. You can imagine: large proportions, effortless finishes (Olsen Kellys have been worn for years), black-onblack monochrome, high price tag, a touch of the contrarian (many celebrities opt for the Kelly’s older sister, the Birkin), and a complete disregard for current trends.

For more than 30 years, the Olsens have been a focal point of fashion news. But for the past 10 years, not much has changed. You’d have a hard time identifying which year if you looked at pictures of Mary-Kate or Ashley from 2012. Anything black, oversized and structural, as well as anything vaguely menswear-adjacent instantly brings back memories of the sisters (and their fashion label, The Row). They’ve been through many eras — boho chic, y2k teens, and moto grunge — but they settled on their current style in the mid-2010s.

The Olsens hold a highly-coveted, hyper-specific space in fashion and have worked hard to earn that title. However, their current style peaked in 2010s. Its influence has been more gradual than a flashy blaze since then. It’s difficult to see how the sisters fit in during the era dopamine dressing and teeny-tiny bags. Olsen Twin Fashion, a whisper between two front row insiders, is 2022 a maximalist shouting into the TikTok void. It’s elegant, subtle, and difficult to master, but it’s impossible to miss. This is a “if you’re good at it, you can do it” style of dressing. It’s too subtle to be worn on the bright red carpets in 2022, when bold colors and bold cutouts rule.

However, the past weeks suggest otherwise. A variety of monochromatic looks graced red carpet like a refreshing, understated breeze. Celebs are taking cues again from the Olsens, and embrace all things sculptural and large-bodied, tasteful and eye-catching. (Or maybe a crisp white, if you feel cheerful).

Olsen Twins Popular Clothing Style Now

Emma Watson was a recent guest at the Schiaparelli Couture Show. The actress wore a black blazer and gray jeans with a white button-down. This outfit, with its sharp edges and strong shoulders, and adventure in volume, wouldn’t look outof place on Ashley Olsen. She has been known for wearing sharp, off-kilter suits from time to time.

Naomi Campbell also wore an Olsen favorite — an oversized duster — to Balenciaga dinner that same week. There’s not much more Olsen than wearing a floor-length coat in July, ignoring the seasons.

The hits continue to roll in: Tracee Ellis Ross, fashion darling, wore a sleek, pleated dress with an elegant silhouette outside of the Balenciaga Show, Emrata wore a pair of belted men’s pants in black with a surprising take on baggy tailoring and Bella Hadid opted for a black gown and a giant croc print jacket. The ever-vibrant Hailey Bieber joined the fun in a classic motorcycle jacket that was several sizes too large, recalling several famous Olsen ‘fits’ of fashion weeks past.

Mary-Kate Olsen is, of course, looking even more Olseny in her giant sunnies (naturally), baggy suits (of course), as well as a long, black coat that’s unseasonably cold (again, nothing is more Olsen than not dressing appropriately for the weather).

This is unclear whether this is a temporary trend or part of a wider shift away from maximalism, and the ever-collapsing trends cycle. Is TikTok fashion like “old money” or “rich mom”? This is Olsen Twin Fashion, repackaged to appeal to a larger audience. It is possible. This classic look could also find its place amongst the increasingly niche aesthetics and fast-fashion trends. Maybe Olsen Fashion will just be the inspiration for The Row fans and frustrated Pheobe Philo followers who have been waiting for a collection for years. The Olsen twins and Olsen Twin Fashion are fine.

All images inculeded from www.pexels.com