Left Side Nose Piercing Meaning

Do you know the specific significance associated with having left side nose piercing meaning for females as well as males?

Piercing the nose is among the most popular and popular types of body piercings around the globe. This article will examine the spiritual meaning of piercing the nose on the left and right sides. In various societies, nose piercings are considered an ornamental ornament. It is widely accepted across the world. Piercing the nose has been an aspect of Nepalese and Indian traditions for many years.

Read on for all the information you need about the superstitions, myths, beliefs, and spiritual significance of piercing the nose on the right and left. The nose is an essential organ in the body, and piercing it has been an ancient practice with religious meanings, myths, and beliefs for years. The nose is the center of breathing, which is why it is a crucial part of our body.

Piercing is possible anywhere on the nose; however, the most commonly used location is just beneath the bridge (septum piercing) or in a U-shaped design across either (nostril the piercing). Clothing Stores may be a good way for you to expand your knowledge or form new fashion realizations.

The way to pierce the nose, be it on the right or the left side, is a personal choice and comes with its motivations, dependent on the person. Some people pierce their noses as a symbol of beauty, while others prefer it because they want to appear trendy and stylish.

What Side of My Nose Should I Pierce?

You’ve decided to get the best nose for piercing. You’ve decided on the type you’re looking for and have picked the coolest jewelry for piercing. But there’s still one question: which side of my nose should I be piercing? There is no apparent distinction between piercing either the left or right side of your nose may result in a condition of choice paralysis. It’s not that important, and the results of piercing both sides are identical enough that neither is necessarily better. This makes it difficult to decide.

Although it’s a relatively new phenomenon in the West, the custom of wearing rings on the nose has been used for hundreds of years in regions like the Middle East, India, and Africa. In reality, piercing the nose is the most well-known form of body piercing, following ear piercings. In these countries, the nose ring has an important symbolic value and is incorporated into the cultural norms, whereas, in the West, the wearing of the ring of the nose can be perceived as a sign of rebellion and in opposition to traditional customs and values.

The place you wear the ring can be viewed as a stunning accessory, symbolizing status, wealth, style, or even a rebellious act. Nose rings are among the most ancient types of jewelry worldwide, which women and men worldwide wear. Although the fashion for wearing jewelry on the nose is modern within the Western world, in other regions of the globe, the practice of wearing nose rings goes back hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.

The Origin of Nose Rings

The custom that people wear nose rings dates back to the time of 44,000 BC in Australia in Australia, where Aboriginal people wore bone-made nose pieces that were inserted into the nasal septums. They continued wearing this kind of decoration until more recent times. But, the tradition that has influenced the current tradition of wearing a nose ring began in the Middle East over 4000 years long. The Old Testament in the Bible mentions nose rings numerous times. The practice began in the United States and was introduced to India, and in the 1500s, incorporated it into the region’s culture.

It was not that long after the turn of the century that the idea of nose rings is a kind of jewelry to people in the Western world. Hippies who traveled to India in the 1960s adopted this tradition and brought it to America. Then the punk and Goth communities also adopted the practice. Nowadays, nose piercings are becoming popular as a growing amount of people are wearing these rings. In the West, wearing a ring on the nose is usually viewed as unorthodox. Similar to other forms of piercings jewelry, nose rings are usually considered to be a negative symbol and are viewed as a scourge. In other regions of the world, the ring for the nose has a place of historic and cultural significance.

The significance or meaning of the nose rings differs according to the culture. Here are a few of the most widely accepted meanings of nose rings:

Nose Rings and Wealth

For many, the wearing of a nose ring can be a symbol of prestige, wealth, and social status. the status of a person. This is particularly applicable to the Berber people from North Africa. In this case, the more wealthy and important the person is, the more expensive the nose rings! During the wedding ceremony, the Berber groom must present his newlywed bride with a nose band to symbolize that he is wealthy. The tradition is still in place.

Nose Rings and Fertility

In India, the nose is believed to be an indicator of fertility, sexual health, and childbirth. In this regard, having your left nostril pierced will help ease the menstrual cycle, enhancing sexual pleasure and facilitating the child birth process. Reading Fashion Week can be a great way to learn more about a fashion or to form a fresh viewpoint.

The Ayurvedic theory is that a women’s left nostril is connected to the reproductive organs.

Nose Rings and Marriage

Rings on the nose symbolize marriage in certain regions across the globe, but it is slowly changing. The first reference to an earring for an engagement present is in the Bible, in which Abraham presents his daughter-in-law law with a nose ring made of gold upon her wedding to Isaac, his son. Isaac. The tradition of giving the bride an earring for the day of her wedding has been practiced throughout the Middle East, Africa, and India. In these regions of the world, the wearer of an earring on your nose is a common way of indicating that you were married, as with the wedding ring of today, the bride is unlikely ever to remove the ring on her nose.

Which Side To Pierce?

Left Side

Left-side of the nose is usually the preferred area to have piercings. Although there isn’t a reason to believe this in certain Hindu religions, women have their noses perforated on the left, believing that it helps strengthen the womb of a woman and helps to reduce menstrual and birth discomfort, even though there are no research studies that prove the connection.

Right Side

Some say that should pierce men with their noses on the right side, and women should be left (and sometimes, the other way around, depending on the person telling you). There is no reason to pick one over the other. It’s all about your personal preference.

There have been stories for a long time claiming that one must decide the choice of nose piercing based on sexuality; however, this is far off the mark. Your nose should be pierced exactly as you’d like and in the most comfortable way.

Other Piercings

If you have other tattoos on your face or ear, they may influence where your piercings appear best. It is possible to use the piercing for more uniformity or symmetry when you place it to the reverse of your tattoos.

For example, if you only have your left ear pierced, you have a Monroe piercing (named after Marilyn Monroe’s signature beauty mark) on the left side of your upper lip, you may choose to place your nose ring to the right side of your nose so that the piercings won’t be grouped.

Pros and Cons of Nose Piercing

There are many advantages and pros to piercing your nose. Let’s take a look.


  • Every nose piercing looks great. It is unlikely to see anyone bored of their piercings to make them look attractive.
  • A nose that is pierced heals easily. Reading Sunspel can be a great way to learn more about a fashion or to form a fresh viewpoint.
  • All you have to do is to take two baths with sea salt each day.
  • A variety of jewelry can be worn by noses with pierces, including nose screws and hoops. If you’re searching for something that’s comfortable or matches your style, it’s certain that you’ll find the ideal piece.
  • It’s a practice that employers generally permit. However, if they do not, then it’s likely that you’ll find an identical retainer dimension that you can swap to one that is more prominent even when you’re not in the office.


  • The piercings on the nose leave a mark that will never go away. You may be left with a tiny nick concealed from the public or an opening that looks like an oblique blackhead.
  • A nose piercing can pose certain risks. Like other piercings, it could be healed and leave a mark. If you’re thinking of getting your nose done, consider the chance of visible scars or bumps left in the aftermath.
  • A nose piercing can be painful and uncomfortable; however, it won’t last. The needle inserted into the skin can feel uncomfortable initially; however, it will pass in a matter of minutes.
Pros and Cons of Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing Meaning for Female or Male

Female: Women wearing the piercings to their noses are conscious about how they express themselves and feel empowered. They are asserting their rights and expressing their feminine side. There is a belief that your left nostril will be able to release more feminine energy when you cut it. Certain cultures believe that piercing women’s left nostrils may ease birth pain. In nations such as Nepal, India, and Pakistan, where piercings are commonplace before and following marriage, women are likely to have their noses pierced before they get married.

Male: Nose rings have traditionally been exclusively worn by women, but times have changed, and many males are sporting one. The right-side nose piercing can have much different significance based on your location. Men also have the option of nose piercing; however, they choose to have it done on the nose’s left or right face. Men who choose to have it to be placed on the right show that they wish to be perceived as strong and bold. They want to be masculine, strong, and confident. In certain cultures (such as in Ayurvedic medicine), this could lead to the impression that they’re gay. It is important to look at your options before deciding to have your nose punctured.

Types of Nose Piercing

While nostril piercing is by far the most commonly used kind of nose piercing, there are different types described below.

Nasallang Piercing

Nasallang Piercings are very popular regardless of gender. Nasal piercings are a well-known form of nose piercing carried out by passing through one nostril, then exiting the other. The majority of them are done with sterilized needles. It’s essential to keep this in mind. Piercing in this manner is more difficult than in other areas due to its location. That is why a skilled surgeon must perform it. If properly treated, recovery time can range from 4 to 6 months.

Austin Bar Piercing

Austin Bar nose piercings are a distinct type of piercing. The barbell is placed into the cartilage inside the nose. The barbell then travels through the sides of your nostrils but cannot pass through any of your nasal septa. It is important to note that following an Austin bar perforation, the possibility of infection is extremely minimal. It takes 3 to 4 months to heal properly.

Vertical Tip Piercing (Rhino)

The majority of nose piercings are performed horizontally. However, in recent times, it has been becoming more fashionable, in line with unisex trends. The piercing remains unique. The piercings on the nose, commonly known as Rhino piercings, start away from the bone on your nose and then go between your nostrils. Wear Going to Concert can serve as a valuable resource for learning more about a fashion topic, or it may spark fresh ideas.

They can be found at the top of your nose in particular. It is among those piercings that are the least painful due to the nature of the position. The risk of infection, however, is very low. It takes, however, between 6 and 9 months to achieve complete healing as the piercing is extremely deep.

Septum Piercing

Septum piercings are among the most well-known types that nose piercings. It’s due to its numerous uses due to its location of it. If you choose to have an insertion of the septum, make sure you make an appointment with a knowledgeable and skilled professional.

Multiple Nostril Piercing

A triple nostril piercing has become very popular today because it looks trendy and gives a rebellious edge to your look. The title of this condition could be obvious as there could be 3 holes in the same nostril or 2 holes in one nostril and one in the opposite nostril. This piercing is believed to have a triangular shape generally, and since three holes are punctured, three nostril piercings can take about 6- 12 months before they heal.

Nostril Piercing

The most well-known nose piercing is the nostril, in which a piercing is made on one nostril to the inside of that same nostril. A needle with a gauge between 18 and 20 is usually used to make piercings in the nose. You can also choose small studs or a nose ring once the piercing is healed.

Nose Bridge Piercing

Bridge piercings may be called “Earl” Piercings. This piercing is horizontal and is located in the middle of the nose. It is well-known because it’s more subtle than other nostril piercings. The piercings usually are placed around the eyebrows and are only pierced through the skin without damaging cartilage. It’s not dangerous to pierce your bridge; however, it can be risky if the piercer doesn’t label the area.

Practical Considerations

  • There are a few good reasons to pick one over the other.
  • If you tend to sleep on one side, you may opt to puncture the nostrils on the other side to reduce discomfort during the process of healing.
  • If you’re either right or left-handed, you may be able to determine which nostril side will allow you to change the necklace.

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman?

The practice of body piercings has been practiced throughout the ages throughout the Middle East, Africa, India as well as North America. It’s a part of various customs that are held in the past and usually marks an important moment in a person’s life, such as when they enter adulthood or get married. Reading Fashion Institute can help you to understand what you are reading about fashion or enable you to discover fresh fashion perspectives.

The meaning of a nose ring on a woman is based on the area she was born in, her belief system, and the customs she was raised in. In modern times, an earring could be part of a person’s style, an impulsive decision, or a fashion accessory. In certain instances, it may also have a strong social or religious significance in traditional society. Let’s see.

History Of Nose Piercing

The story of nose piercings can be interesting. The art of nose piercings originated in Australia at approximately 44,000 BC. The custom of Aboriginal people using bone for a septum nose piercing is still practiced today.

In some North African tribes, there was a tradition of piercing the nose using bone fragments or rings made of metal. Piercing the nostril as we do it nowadays was first developed in the Middle East sometime 4,000 years ago. The practice then expanded across India around the 16th century.

Beliefs About Nose Piercing Health Benefits

The specialists of traditional Chinese medical practices consider that the nose on the left connects with feminine energy, and the right nostril represents masculine energy. This is why girls wear a ring over their left nostrils to ease the menstrual cramps they experience and other female-related ailments.

Ayurveda which is an Indian alternate medicine, confirms this belief. According to this belief, the left side of the woman’s nose is connected with reproductive organs and can affect fertility.

Beliefs About Nose Piercing Health Benefits

Left Side Nose Piercing Meaning FAQs

The reason women should wear a nose pins on their left side?

The nose pin has always had an exclusive place in Indian tradition. The myth about Goddess Kanyakumari Devi and the famous nose pin is well-known.

Which side should a nose piercing be on?

A nose piercing could be one of your life’s most memorable decisions and life experiences. It is, after all, an easy and simple procedure that alters your whole appearance.

What does a piercing on the left signify and vs. The right?

You can have your nose pierced on any side you feel at ease with. The nose on the left is considered the preferred location to have your nose pierced. But other aspects can affect your decision and vice versa.

Final Thoughts

The ring worn by women has varied significance for women throughout time according to their religion, customs, and ethnicity. Reading Fashion Designers could prove to be an excellent way to expand your knowledge or form a fashion perspective.

But, this symbolism has been gone in our modern world, and nowadays, nose piercings of women are an individual choice of fashion, preference, and style.

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