Hailey Bieber Celebrates Birthday Bash with the Ultimate Jewelry Guide

The beauty model and founder of the brand Hailey Bieber Celebrates Birthday Bash on Tuesday night, an occasion to the coming day, with the ultimate jewelry guide.

“It’s the birthday cake order that I’m always going for,” she said about her new taste.

“People have been so amazing and such loyal customers,” she said. “I really wanted something that felt new and fresh to be able to come sooner than later.”

“We’re focused on our essentials,” she added. She’s planning to add more to her line of suitable products used in everyday routines, make an SPF, and then add colors to the line further down the road.

In the Vanilla Cake promotional campaign, Bieber has bright cheeks, their lips appear plump, and her skin is glowing.

“I wanted it to have this sweetness, this yumminess to the imagery that was going to make you feel like the whole thing overarchingly feels delicious,” she stated, adding that she loves the process of bringing an idea to life. “The creative stuff for me is my favorite part.”

Bieber brought together her friends such as Emma ChamberlainCamila MorroneLori Harveytwins Simi, and Haze KhadraKendall JennerKim Kardashian, and North in the mix — as well as some of the Los Angeles, California, beauty industry for dinner in Nobu located in MalibuCalifornia, to celebrate the occasion. The dinner was a multi-course affair, featuring the restaurant’s signature dishes (paired with a variety of cocktails made with lychee) and was topped off with the vanilla-on-vanilla birthday cake, and people sang “Happy Birthday.”

“Every year I’ve gotten older, I’ve loved it more,” Bieber declared. “And I’m sure many people older than I am have stated that “as you grow older, you’ll love it more and be more in love with your 30s than your 20s. I hear it often. I’m very excited and hopeful about the next chapter of my life. And I feel that I am in love with my space within my personal life. I’m in love with the space I’m in with my partner. I’m in love with the space in my company. ….You cannot hold the 20s forever, and I’m thrilled to grow yearly. And I’m excited about what’s to come with the brand, my life, and my personal life. I’m extremely satisfied with the situation I’m in right now.” -“RYMA CHIKHOUNE.” Striped Jumper can serve as a valuable resource for learning more about a fashion topic, or it may spark fresh ideas.

Jewelry lovers seeking to expand their knowledge should go to this volume, “Jewelry Guide: The Ultimate Compendium” volume, which Assouline published in December.

Written by a seasoned French editor Fabienne Reybaud, the director of the watches and jewelry department at French Le Figaro. Le Figaro for a quarter of a century. This 324-page publication includes a broad range of subjects for readers looking to get an early start into the world of gems and the patterns that enhance their beauty.

Reybaud, who published a similar manual for those who love watches 15 years ago, stated that the rapid growth of the jewelry market of today demanded “a global overview on the market” in a day in which books are “mono-brand and ordered by the houses or generic coffee tables about the most beautiful pieces.”

Beginning with a brief overview of jewelry as “small precious items [that] have mirrored the human journey” from the beginning of recorded history. The book opens with memorable examples of the past and houses now shut, which have a deep shadow over contemporary jewelry designs like BoivinFouquet, and Jean Dessous.

Then, it’s all about stones, and then we’ll dive into an A to Z of 46 brands, including industry bigwigs and independents alike, creating their mark on a global scale with a value of $20 billion. These include the brands like BoucheronCartier, and Chanel, as well as JARMessikaLorenz Baumer, or Maison Auclert, which produces contemporary pieces set with old Roman gemstones and Greek coins. Reybaud is also a name checker for several new signatures, such as Charlotte Chesnais or Emmanuel Tarpin.

The people who cut were chosen based upon “work well executed,” she added, since “people forget is that it is a truly technical field, where France has historically had deep know-how in high jewelry.”

“Jewelry is often compared to an item of fashion. But what we should remember is that, unlike bags and shoes it’s a thing that is enduring by design because of the materials used such as metal and stones. This is the primary characteristic of jewelsregardless of their emotional or symbolic value,” she said.

The chapters further examine the most important collections in museums, provide tips on appraisals, the best way to begin an auction collection, and an extensive glossary.

The most surprising thing is the pricing, which is scattered throughout. This was especially important to Reybaud; she believed providing a reference point could help customers understand the information they’re looking at. Brands “should not be ashamed of putting their prices in the open,” she said.

The book has more than 250 photos, including the slick photo of the ’60s’ leading fashion model Penelope Tree holding the 90.38 carats “Briolette of India” diamond right in front of her eyes on the front cover, to hundreds of pieces, and famous faces such as Elizabeth TaylorZendaya or Julia Roberts.

It’s dedicated to the father of Reybaud, a third-generation jeweler from France’s South of France who once refused a request by Pablo Picasso to help him create jewelry.

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