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10 Best Gold Wedding Dresses You Will Be In Sparkles

What are the best gold wedding dresses? Gold beaded, rose gold, and champagne gold are the top wedding dress models that showcase your sparkles.

White is a popular wedding gown color. However, it’s not the only choice. If you’re looking to break away from traditional wedding “rules” and opt for something fresh, original, and enjoyable, choosing a gold hue is the ideal choice. It is possible to make your dress more subtle by choosing lighter gold tones, such as champagne, or go for something darker and more similar to bronze. The amount of shine can be adjusted to your liking. Some gold shades have a high gloss, and others are less dazzling. Whatever you choose to do but you’ll be noticed in the most effective manner possible.

The option of a wedding dress made of gold will also give you more options in locating the dress of your dreams. Although you may not find an elegant gold wedding dress in the bridal shops, you’ll be able to identify them in major department stores, boutiques for dresses, and even online. Choosing a hue that isn’t white will provide you with more fashion and silhouette options. It could mean paying less.

Whatever color or style you select, you will look gorgeous in these gold wedding dresses!

1. Gold Beaded Wedding Dresses

A bit vintage, unusual, and elegant, gold-beaded wedding dresses are unbeatable! They take the golden look and elevate it to a higher level with various crystals, beads, and sequins that catch lighting from all angles.

Whether you’re planning an old-fashioned 1920s look or want to go all out with the glamour, we’ve got an idea that you’ll get swept away by the gold-beaded wedding gowns.

2. Rose Gold Wedding Dresses

Colorful dresses are in high demand during this time of year. If you are a fan of golden wedding gowns, however you’d like to add some color, try mixing gold and pink. Check out our gallery to choose the ideal rose gold wedding dress and be amazed by the beauty of this gorgeous color. It is a highly striking color for gold dresses for weddings!

3. Gold Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

There are only a handful of times in your adulthood when you can dress as a king or queen — for your wedding, it’s among them! Enjoy your fairytale wedding with these gorgeous wedding gowns in gold.

There’s something magical and stunning about ball gowns as if they are part of their romantic story. If you add some gold touches, you’ve got a dress that will always last! With layers of sheer tulle to sparkling sequins, we have compiled our top fairytale-worthy gold ball wedding gowns.

4. Ball Gown & A-Line Bridal Dresses

Are you looking to be the actual princess? A-line wedding dresses in gold or ball gowns with similar hues will enhance your body shape. They bring out the best qualities of your body. Your waist will appear slimmer, and your supple silhouette will contrast with your hips and be hidden by the most elegant, multi-layered skirt.

5. Red and Gold Wedding Dresses

The eyes of the heart are natural for gold and red wedding gowns! It’s a stunning, dramatic, and striking style. Red on your wedding day is a great way to stand out and show your uniqueness. We’re all to help you do this! Although wedding dresses in red (and golden) wedding gowns might seem an exciting alternative in Western society, they’re an old-fashioned tradition in different cultures.

For instance, In China, brides wear red for happiness, good luck, and prosperity. Indian brides also wear a bright colors on their wedding day. We’ve included some examples of those stunning traditional wedding dresses!

6. Champagne Gold Wedding Dresses

If you’re looking for something that will make you look amazing, you will enjoy these wedding dresses in champagne gold. What is it that makes them unique? Champagne tones create beautiful, deep dimensional colors. This hue is romantic and romantic, adding an extra dimension to your bridal style. It doesn’t matter whether you pick a dress with 3D embellishments or a basic silk gown – you’re going to be stunning!

7. Gold Wedding Gowns With Sleeves

Long sleeves make your dress an elegant and classic style. The champagne or gold wedding dresses with sleeves are perfect for a fall and winter wedding. It is also an excellent design for your traditional wedding ceremony. Certain religious establishments don’t allow brides to display too much-exposed skin.

8. Ivory and Gold Wedding Dresses

When you’re looking to bring some sparkle and glamour to your traditional white wedding dress, go for wedding dresses in gold and ivory! They still feel elegant, but they have an elegant gold twist. They are an excellent choice for a relaxed wedding day outfit, or pick one to wear for an after-party style change!

Wedding dresses made of gold and ivory are also gorgeous when paired with classic wedding decor, such as an extravagant veil (with gold speckles, maybe), and more modern styles, like wedding gloves!

9. Sparkle Gold Bridal Dresses

There are timeless, minimal and ultra-feminine bohemian, and vintage-inspired wedding dresses that are a perfect fit for various bridal styles. There are also extravagant, outrageous glamorous gowns for the most elegant brides. The red carpet for famous people is the ideal wedding day for every bride-to-be; therefore, why not get out and shine on your wedding day? A stunning wedding gown is perfect for a radiant wedding. From simple sequins to extravagant beading, this collection of sparkling wedding gowns is the ideal choice to create a glamorous bridal scene.

10. White And Gold Wedding Dresses

You may not be prepared to try the color. Do you want something different than a plain white dress? Consider a gold and white wedding dress. This dress is sure to be interesting while maintaining the look and feel of a traditional white wedding dress. It is a perfect mix of contemporary fashions and a classic bridal style.

The Best Places to Buy Gold Wedding Dresses

  • Amazon: One of our new favorites, Amazon specializes in gorgeous modern gowns that aren’t just the classic bridal style (read the lace and tulle), instead focusing on trendy, sleek styles. Also, they’re ideal wedding dresses for contemporary couples who don’t want traditional weddings!
  • eBay: If you’d like to choose something more stylish, It’s hard to find a better deal than eBay — mainly when all things glitter and glamour are in play! We love the way each of their wedding dresses is elegant and sophisticated yet offers plenty of sparkle or flair. Obsessed.
  • Etsy: Etsy is one of our absolute top destinations for everything wedding related; Etsy has some of the most beautiful wedding dresses made of gold. From contemporary and sparkling gowns to stunning ball gowns, they have everything! Plus, the majority of shifts are made by independent designers, which means they can be made to your exact measurements. There is no need for tailoring!

Gold Wedding Dresses FAQs

What does a wedding dress refer to?

Gold symbolizes the power of royalty, luxury, and prosperity, making it the perfect color to celebrate your new marriage!

How to style and accessorize a gold wedding dress?

If you’re dealing with lots of glitter and sparkle, it’s easy to overdo your accessories. As much as there’s nothing wrong with excessive glitter keeping your accessories to a minimal level can make your wedding dress shine.

Are wedding dresses in gold costly?

It’s all about the designer you choose. However, wedding dresses made of gold are generally cheaper than traditional wedding gowns. Of course, there are many aspects to consider, such as the material, embellishments, and design, which all play an essential role in the final cost.


It’s not difficult to see that the classic bridal gown of white isn’t suitable for every bride. Many brides are eschewing traditional stark white and ivory tones for a stunning gold wedding dress that sparkle. The metallic gold and champagne tones give a vintage-inspired and warm vintage feel, but the color can also instantly add a touch of glamour regardless of the shape or design.

Gold wedding dresses look gorgeous in a wide range of skin tones. The color is highly flattering and attractive. If you’ve decided to wear white for your wedding day, these dresses are perfect for reception and evening dresses and wedding rehearsal dress-ups.

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