Evan Mock Dons Eclectic Leather

Evan Mock Dons Eclectic Leather Is So Famous, But Why?

Evan Mock dons eclectic leather jacket as he arrived at the Newfest Screening for season 2 of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl on November 30.

Mock chose a unique approach to dressing in honor of season 2 of the hit HBO max series. Mock wore a white button-up shirt and charcoal gray embellished galaxy Jeans from Masu. He also wore black boots, a Prada black Saffiano leather tie, a dark leather jacket, and a bright green trucker cap with “Wahine” written in large yellow letters. Mock completed the look by adding two silver rings.

Mock was a successful skateboarder before he became an actor in “Gossip Girl.” Mock was made famous by Frank Ocean’s photo of him skating. Discover more about fashion or consider new ideas in Fashion Designers.

The actor was able to transition into modeling and has walked in fashion shows for Louis Vuitton and 1017 Alyx 9SM. He was also featured in Giuseppe Zanotti’s campaigns.

Mock’s role in “Gossip Girl,” created for him by Joshua Safran, helped Mock gain both attention from the film industry and further propelled him into fashion.

He has become a regular on the fashion party circuit. He hosted a party at Jeffries with Julia Fox during New York Fashion Week in September to kick off the annual runway show extravaganza.

On December 1, HBO Max’s Gossip Girl Season 2 premiered. Each episode will be dropped weekly. Mock is one of many returning cast members for Season 2. Also, Eli Brown and Whitney Peak are back.

Images and videos included from "www.instagram.com", "Creative Commons License", "www.pexels.com".

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