The 10 Best Brands to Buy Engagement Rings for Women

Which are the top brands of engagement rings for women? These high-quality, affordable engagement ring brands include Jared, Diamond Nexus, or Vrai.

A ring as an engagement ring is a milestone in the “I do” journey. Finding the right ring can be difficult. There are many options, and it can be a significant investment, so make sure you research before making a purchase. We are here to help! We interviewed editors from Brides and spent hours researching online the top jewelry brands, both those that have been around for decades and smaller businesses that are specialized in making one-of-a-kind pieces.

Once you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, find a jeweler who uses quality precious metals and stones, offers many customization options, and backs up their pieces with certifications, a reliable warranty, and long-term care and maintenance services.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you find the best online places to purchase engagement rings.

1. Jared

There are over 274 Jared stores located in 41 states. You’re likely to have seen one at your favorite shopping destination. Jared has made it easy to shop online, something you might have yet to learn.

Jared has an endless selection of engagement rings from their stellar roster of designers like Neil Lane, Tacori, and Forevermark.

2. Diamond Nexus

We love Diamond Nexus engagement rings. They are guaranteed for life and come with easy exchanges and a complimentary size adjustment.

The main reason this place is ranked as the best for buying engagement rings for women is its Nexus Diamond(TM). This patented lab-created diamond looks precisely like a diamond without imperfections and high prices. These stones are also more eco-friendly than diamonds and can be purchased for as low as 90%.

3. Vrai

Vrai produces conflict-free diamonds. They are made in California using zero carbon footprint and minimal mining. Vrai’s sustainability practices are not the only reason Vrai makes beautiful and well-crafted engagement rings.

Vrai’s rings are both classic and unique, which we love. For example, take “The Hover,” which has a classic-style band in platinum, yellow, white, and rose gold. It also features an unexpected floating diamond that hovers over your finger for extra effect.

4. Blue Nile

Blue Nile has something for everyone. Let’s talk about making your unique love story come to life.

Blue Nile is the best place to purchase engagement rings for women. Your forever ring is just a few clicks away, whether you are looking for a budget-friendly band or a luxurious heirloom piece.

5. Ritani

Ritani has a wide range of affordable styles that will suit every budget. Ritani makes it easy to find their designs by breaking them down by setting.

You can choose from stunning solitaires, three-stone styles, vintage-inspired stunners, or rings with delicate side stones. If you are in a hurry, you can filter your search by price, center stone shape, metal, and side stones.

6. Catbird

Are traditional rings not for you? Stop scrolling! Catbird is the best when it comes to original designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

Catbird’s delicate designs are just too adorable. They’re made from recycled materials and hand-finished at the Brooklyn studio. A ring that tells a story is our favorite!

7. Zales

Zales has been known for being “the diamond shop” since 1924. The retailer has an impressive range of wedding and engagement rings to fit every taste. Zales also offers a wide range of options for people shopping on a tight budget. While love cannot be priced, Zales knows there are limitations to the amount one can spend on engagement rings.

8. Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers has over 100 years of experience and knows much about love and the jewelry that symbolizes it. Kay Jewelers is a great place to find engagement rings for women. They are known for their love of sparkle, shine, and huge diamonds.

Kay offers the finest in diamond rings. Kay has everything from stunning double halo designs to classic + chic round diamond rings.

9. Gemist

The direct-to-consumer model of buying engagement rings is growing in popularity. Gemist, a digital platform that allows users to design and test ring designs at home, is the first. They are the Warby Parker of jewelry. You’ll feel less stressed in-store and have more comfort at home.

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Posted by Gemist on Thursday, December 1, 2022

10. Brilliant Earth

Are you looking for modern, timeless, and sustainable design? Sign us up! Brilliant Earth’s selection of the best women’s engagement rings combines an ethical approach to jewelry-making and techniques that will always stay in style.

You can feel confident wearing a great ring that is Beyond Conflict FreeTM Diamonds. Their ring boxes are made from sustainable packaging.

Tips to Choose Engagement Rings For Women

  • It’s essential to research before you buy an engagement ring online. You will be able to identify the types of metals and the four C’s (cut, color clarity, clarity, and carat) so that you are familiar with what you are getting.
  • A ring for engagement can be as cheap as $100 to as expensive as tens of thousands. The main factors that determine its value are the size, provenance, and quality of the central diamond, as well as any other stones embellishments and the materials used to make the ring.
  • Trusted retailer’s websites will include a detailed FAQ page that explains how and where stones are sourced and details about shipping and returns policies. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the brand to ask them or to set up a virtual consultation for more information about a piece.

Engagement Rings for Women FAQs

What should you look out for when shopping for engagement rings for women?

If you go the classic route with diamonds, we recommend starting with the four C’s: cut color, clarity, and carat. This determines the quality and how the industry certifies each diamond.

How have we narrowed our selection of the top places to buy diamonds for women?

If your goal is to go the traditional diamond route, you should start with the 4C’s: cut color, clarity, and carat. This determines the quality of a diamond as well as how the industry certifies each one.

Is it safe for me to order an engagement ring online?

Fiko, our fashion editor, says that although it is safe to order your engagement ring online, you should work with a reliable jeweler to ensure your piece arrives safely with a certificate of authenticity and a warranty.

Final Words

Even the most unconventional and non-conformist couples can find the best engagement rings. Although some wedding traditions have been forgotten, the desire to find the best engagement rings endures.

Whether your wedding is on the beach or in a ballroom at the hotel, the best engagement rings you can imagine will sparkle from your best-manicured finger. Let’s say it was one of five of the best days of your life. After all, surely the birth of a baby or an incredible job promotion counts.

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