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Dreamy Cottagecore Clothing Brands For A Magical Life

Discover the enchanting world of cottagecore fashion. Embrace rustic charm with vintage-inspired styles from cottagecore clothing brands.

The cottagecore aesthetic evokes an easy life that is amidst the rural. The clothing typically features soft styles made of natural materials and earthy hues, creating an impression of being the heart of the natural world.

Since cottagecore outfits is about connecting to the rural environment, The movement is associated with sustainability and the care of the environment with respect. Cottagecore isn’t just about aesthetics but also a rebirth of traditional practices such as cultivating your food and making your clothing.

These brands are renowned for their romantic, feminine, and nostalgic style, which reflects the romantic elements of life in the countryside. These are the most popular cottage-core clothing brands around the world:

  • SZ Blockprints
  • Son de Flor
  • Cotton: On
  • Lisa Says Gah!
  • Free People

If you’re searching for cottage-style items but need more preparation to design yourself, this article highlights 13 ethical companies that offer cottagecore clothes and accessories. Sustainable clothing aligns with the cottagecore look and its essence because the dress is created with the highest quality natural materials by skilled artisans who are paid fairly.

We have shared our top designs, cottagecore clothes, and fashion brands.

13 Best Cottagecore Clothing Brands

Do you know where to purchase cottagecore clothing on the internet?

In this article, I’ll show you the top 13 cottagecore clothing brands and online clothes retailers with the most favorable reviews. You can purchase your preferred cottagecore clothes, blouses, bags, accessories, and more.

Before going through each store one at a time, You can take a quick overview of the essential information about every store in one go and save yourself much time.

1. SZ Blockprints

This brand is slow-fashion and has gorgeous designs made manually by hand in Jaipur, India. Beautiful maxi dresses, blouses, jackets, pants, and many more are perfect for outdoor scenes.

SZ Blockprints

2. Son de Flor

Son de Flor is a Lithuanian company that makes fairy grunge clothes and vintage-inspired pieces of linen. The details they make are usually flowing and long, and many have the traditional peter pan collar. I have the Classic Dress in Evergreen, and it is a perfect fit for meadows or strolling through the forest. The fabric is top-quality and breathable enough to wear in the summer and sturdy enough for winter wear.

Son de Flor

3. Cotton:On

I recommend buying both maxi and mini dresses. They could be more intricate. However, they’re a bit flowy and floral or are made of high-quality cotton or linen. They’re your standard dress for summer. If you’re interested in the style, you’ll require more than a handful, and Cotton: On is an excellent place to purchase in bulk due to the cost!


4. Lisa Says Gah

The store has a wide range of brands embody rural cottagecore, including its eponymous label, as evidenced by this gingham two-tone number. The brand has also recently introduced an assortment of crochet if knitting is your style.

Lisa Says Gah

5. Free People

Although Free People can be a little expensive, it’s the OG cottagecore fashion label. I get many white clothes here due to the high quality. Amazing. They last for years! Free People also has gorgeous summer dresses that are flowing. It’s a cottagecore look with a touch of boho.

Free People

6. Christy Dawn

The American-based brand is renowned for its flowing dresses in soft hues and delicate floral designs. However, they also offer a range of styles. There are also oversized, thick wool sweaters and boots that are vintage to complete your cottage-style look. Be aware it is the case that Christy Dawn is the only brand that offers petite sizes in this listing. However, some businesses provide custom-made sizes at no cost.

Christy Dawn

7. Tradlands

Tradlands radiates calm and comfort by showcasing vintage-inspired but modern designs. Although their brand is more inspired by menswear than cottagecore, they have a few clothes that match just right, like the Nico linen dresses or Chalet-tied dresses. I have the Nico linen dress and found it comfortable, high-quality, and comfy. I’d suggest sizing down to get a better fitting.


8. For Love & Lemons

You may already be familiar with this brand; however, its romantic style blends in with the overall rustic vibe. It is a collection of floral prints, ruffles, and lacy skirts and bustiers designed to be twirled in a field.

For Love & Lemons

9. Psychic Outlaw

The best part about this label is that it’s customizable! You can bring in an old quilt or bandanna and create your unique garment or dress from it. Brilliant, eh? It’s possible to get the look of a country house and wear something classic.

Psychic Outlaw

10. Linfox

Linenfox provides timeless designs with earthy tones. Linenfox has linen-based dresses that are elegant yet suitable for wear in everyday life. The best thing to consider about Linenfox is that most of their dresses are priced at $150 or less, making it among the most affordable brands on this list. The company also provides customizations for a reasonable cost.


11. LoveShackFancy

The designer Rebecca Hessel Cohen started this label in 2013, and it is known as a romantic, cottage-style label with intricate details and a vintage clothing brands style. Which of the white dresses is your favorite?


12. Simple Retro

As the name implies, everything on this website is retro-inspired, perfect for the entire cottagecore style. If you’re not going to frolic in the fields by wearing this square neck piece, why not take it to farmer’s markets or a restaurant?

Simple Retro

13. Dynasty George

The brand was created in Brooklyn. However, the garments are manufactured by hand in India. The beautiful label makes its products from naturally-derived fibers that have been discarded. The designer Dynasty Casanova launched it during the epidemic and focused on a playful look like the eyelet-ruffled dresses on display in this collection.

Dynasty George

Tips For Shopping Cottagecore Clothing Brands

Cottagecore clothing evokes a romantic look that can be translated into a dress. What would you like to wear when harvesting a rainbow of your favorite vegetables? You may like reading your book while leaning against the tree branch of a wispy willow tree. Thanks to this design, deciding what you’ll wear to the picnic can be a breeze.

Cottagecore Aesthetic’s Tender Textures: Adding texture and hand-crafted details can add depth and heighten your cottagecore look. The cottagecore style is characterized by a warm, homey style reflected in soft fabric. Cashmere, wool blends, bristled knits, modal, and bamboo quickly surround you.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Staples: The mainstay of the cottagecore look is its ultra-romantic design. Find aesthetic outfits ideas with necklines, ruffles, and balloon sleeves that billow with intricate lace overlays and beautiful silhouettes. If you’re making your first foray into the cottage style, begin with a chic item and pair it with your most-loved pieces.

Seek Out Sustainable Brands and Fabrics: Find eco-friendly fabrics that take advantage of the sustainability aspect of the cottagecore style. Sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly manufacturing practices will make a difference locally and internationally. The followers of cottagecore fashion adhere to this principle with a lot of vigor.

Daydream in Cottagecore Dresses: Midi dresses are so well designed to fit in with the cottagecore look. The flowing skirt of a fabulous midi dress glides effortlessly when you move. In colder weather, opt for a beautiful white dress with long sleeves. To ensure you are covered, you can layer a cozy cardigan with thick tights.

Function Meets Cottagecore Fashion: Although the cottagecore style is undoubtedly a dream, there are still tasks on the farm that we must complete. Incorporate practical and stylish cargo pants or loosely pleated shorts into your wardrobe. Pick one of these options in earthy or olive green tones.

Cottagecore Clothing Brands FAQs

Do you know of any secondhand brands of cottagecore clothes?

You can easily find several cottagecore fashions at thrift stores and secondhand websites. Some of these brands also have their pre-loved sections on their site.

What is the definition of cottagecore fashion?

The style of cottagecore is focused on having a “simple life.” Mainly the type is found on a farm and in the country. The look focuses on relaxedness (linen is the best option for cottagecore clothes) and dressing femininely.

How did the cottagecore style trend begin to emerge?

“Cottagecore,” or “cottagecore” fashion trend emerged in the early days of quarantine in 2020, and it was clear why this style gained enormous attention.


While inside, it was an excellent opportunity to picture yourself wearing one of these beautiful and effortless styles in a cozy home or the countryside. It’s possible to imagine a world where all your tasks are to tend to a garden, look cute clothes, and take a leisurely spin around the room. It sounds fantastic. If you’re a huge fan, The excellent news is that it’s staying. The cottagecore clothing brand is the perfect choice with spring and summer warmer seasons here.

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