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Shop Thrift And Save: Cheap Online Thrift Stores

Find the best cheap online thrift stores and shop thrift fashion today. Read hidden tips, find great deals, and save your money.

Break the cycle of fashion-driven trends and buy second-hand. Find this blog’s top collection of the most popular thrift online clothing stores. Whether you’re interested in the latest trends in fashion, love the latest designer brands, or are a total fashionista, taking an environmentally friendly approach to your clothes is something we all should do.

The fashion industry needs to be more proficient at implementing eco-green improvements. One way to lessen the impact clothing can have on climate change is by purchasing second-hand clothing. The best part is that you can look for something other than the tiniest second-hand or vintage stores, as there is a wide array of options for online shopping.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our top picks for the best cheap online thrift stores:

• ThredUp

• OfferUp

• Etsy

• eBay

• Poshmark

To help you choose the most suitable options, we’ve searched through many marketplaces to create this list of top cheap online thrift stores.

12 Cheap Online Thrift Stores for Budget Shoppers

You’ve probably spent many hours in flea markets and thrift stores, But did you know you could purchase furniture from thrift stores online? Yes, there are online fashion thrift shops, and they’re affordable shops.

The stores are filled with old-fashioned clothes, permitting you to market your items. Don’t be a slave when shopping, especially every time. Be open to these incredible 12 cheap online thrift stores.

1. ThredUp

It is among the most popular online thrift stores, which has discovered a niche within the children’s and women’s used clothing market. The company was founded to tackle the issue of clothing trash. This online thrift shop includes clothing in every fashion you seek.

With more than 50 million buyers, this store brings buyers and sellers together at highly affordable costs. There are authentic vintage clothes and almost new designer clothes. It’s also straightforward to search for your ideal size, regardless of whether you’re petite or larger.

The method they use is that sellers submit the clothes they have used, and ThredUp will then take professional pictures and ensure that the clothing quality is appropriate. This additional assurance of quality will give you more security when you purchase second-hand clothing that cannot be inspected in person before purchasing.


2. eBay

eBay was among the first marketplaces on the internet that provided customers and sellers access to pre-owned, unique products and niche-specific items. Many thrifters at the beginning of 2000 might remember the excitement of skipping dinner and connecting to their dial-up connection, and soaring above the other buyers for exclusive antique items.

Nowadays, eBay stands strong as one of the top destinations for anything second-hand or collectors-related. We suggest visiting eBay for those seeking vintage or collector’s objects.


3. Etsy

Etsy is an absolute treasure trove for purchasing or selling handcrafted objects and vintage items. It was launched in 2005 and has since grown to become one of the top platforms for artisans, crafters, and collectors to offer their original and unique products.

We suggest turning to Etsy If you’re searching for original cheap online thrift stores items and the opportunity to support small-scale businesses worldwide.


4. OfferUp

OfferUp is among the most popular mobile marketplaces, free for those looking to purchase or sell locally. It’s created to make it easy for users to connect with their local community and purchase or sell goods without the hassles that come with the shipping process or complex online transactions. Members can browse for items ranging from clothing to second-hand furniture, electronics, and even cars (to mention only a handful).

The app has also been designed clothes to ensure that every interaction on the app is secure and safe. This includes communicating with the vendor directly and giving them a rating after the transaction is complete. We recommend this feature if you’re trying to reduce shipping costs, avoid handing your personal information to strangers, and wish for local convenience.


5. Swap

Swap is undoubtedly a well-known online thrift store, offering thousands of items anytime. In less than ten years, the company has revolutionized the scale of selling second-hand clothes on the internet marketplace.

My favorite place to spend the majority of my free time is Premium Finds, where you will find designer goods usually priced lower. The online thrift shop lets you shop and sell using the platform as a breeze. If you’ve ever wished to earn hard cash for your clothes that you’ve only worn a handful of times, it’s time to Swap is the perfect place to start your online thrift store.

It also offers a high-quality screening process. I’ve always been satisfied with second-hand clothing. They’ve always been advertised, and the material has been in line with the photos and description.


6. Vinted

Vinted is a global (operating in 16 countries) online marketplace for second-hand goods backed by a large community of more than 45 million users. Vinted is available for iOS, Android, and desktop browsers. It also offers the option to buy affordable clothing and accessories.

If you don’t buy second-hand but sell, Vinted has zero selling costs (aka, you earn all the proceeds from the sale). We suggest using Vinted when searching for an array of low-cost antique or thrift items.


7. Depop

This operation in London is much more than just a thrift store. The app also functions as a social media site, which is how the service began. It was an opportunity to allow readers from PIG magazine to gather to connect with designers of the future and share the designs they like.

It later developed into a marketplace that lets users sell their work and purchase. This is what makes it so intriguing. The app also appears similar to Instagram and allows you to show pictures of second-hand clothing purchased through the marketplace online and others.

This can be used as a source of inspiration to others to develop similar ideas, all while using used and vintage clothing on the internet. I suggest signing up for a no-cost account to see how much these feeds encourage you to find new ways to locate stunning second-hand clothing.


8. Imparfaite

Imparfaite is an online Parisian vintage clothing brands specializing in vintage-inspired clothing and accessories. In partnership with professional vintage resellers located in France, Imparfaite. Offers high-quality items to second-hand buyers from all over the globe.

The collection contains more than a thousand items from the past (like bags, jewelry, and shoes), vintage Levi’s, and the designer collection. We suggest you check the collection if you’re trying to cheap online thrift stores.


9. Poshmark

Poshmark is an online thrift shop that operates on a peer-to-peer basis. It’s like buying directly from Amazon resellers or directly from eBay. Anyone can create an account on the site and begin selling clothes they no longer want to wear. The best part is that you can read reviews left by buyers on sellers to ensure that you buy only from sellers with a positive reputation.

There are thousands of brands to choose from, including luxury products like Prada and Gucci, and more at a reasonable price. The search function performs well; you can narrow things down according to your selected filters.

Many people enjoy discovering by adding their clothes’ sizes, then browsing through thousands of products on the store’s online catalog. It’s a breeze, and you’ll find authentic vintage items for a unique look.


10. Shop Goodwill

Shop Goodwill is one of the programs of the non-profit Goodwill, and, most likely, if you’re from the U.S., you’ve walked through one.

Shop Goodwill ships internationally, providing shoppers access to many used goods, such as books, clothing, electronics, household goods, etc. Goodwill offers a wide range of items to offer for a low price. However, we’d suggest this website to people who enjoy being on the lookout and are patient (we’ve found some fantastic deals on this website, but it can take some time).

Shop Goodwill

11. Beyond Retro

This is another online thrift store that specializes in vintage and retro clothes. You can find anything from the 60s and 90s fashion to help you relive your youth or to feel what it was like back in the day. The company offers hand-picked fashionable recycled clothing with hundreds of new items every week for you to pick from. This has resulted in millions of old clothes getting new homes each year.

There’s another section where you can purchase recycled and repurposed clothing that you won’t find on heap online thrift stores because they’re so distinctive. It’s this kind of commitment to sustainability that draws the majority of their younger customers. The company has expanded to 13 warehouses to help support the online sale of recycled and sustainable clothing.

You also have 14 days to return the item if the design, quality, or size doesn’t fit your needs.

Beyond Retro

12. Stillwhite

Stillwhite is an excellent option for the soon-to-be bride seeking an environmentally sustainable method to commemorate the day of their life. Wedding dresses are typically one-use items. Still White is looking to change that with an online marketplace that allows sellers and buyers to give their stunning dresses another (or third or fourth!) life.

Shoppers can browse through designer sizes, colors, and styles. We suggest this to brides looking for an affordable and sustainable way to celebrate their wedding.


Best Tips For Online Thrift Shopping

Here are some tips you must know when shopping online at thrift stores.

Ask For A Discount: If you come across something you like but can tell it’s been advertised for some time, inquire with the seller if they’re willing to negotiate a little. These are second-hand items, and receive an additional 20 or 30 percent off is not expected when you ask.

Ask About Any Damage: Some companies will specify the damages to the products. If you find this the case, make sure you can spot the damage on the images and see whether it is possible to repair or conceal it. If you cannot spot the damage in the images, ask the seller to send a picture before you buy the item.

Know Your Sizes: Take a look at a few items of clothing you wear often and feel at ease in, and note down the measurements. The sizes may differ slightly from brand to brand, so note this as well.

Check For Authentication: The majority of thrift stores have authenticators on staff who are trained to spot counterfeit and fake items. This is crucial when looking for high-end fashion brand names, where there’s an entire industry working to make a splash with counterfeits. Check whether the business provides a return or refund procedure if you need to get a fair deal.

Look For Detailed Photos: The majority of thrift stores offer professional images from various perspectives. This is crucial, particularly for vintage clothing, where it is difficult to find detailed photos online. The more detailed and superior images are, the greater confidence you’ll have in knowing the quality.

Check Precise Measurements: This is particularly true for unique or cheap online thrift clothes, where the measurements may take time to determine. In this case, you should ask the seller to give you measurements for the waist, shoulders, chest, and legs based on the item you’re purchasing.

Cheap Online Thrift Stores FAQs

What are the top cheap online thrift stores?

These are the top cheap thrift stores stores;
• ThredUp
• Etsy
• eBay
• Vinted
• Poshmark
• Depop

What are the best cheap online thrift stores in the U.S.?

These are the cheap thrift stores in the U.S.;
• Nuuly Thrift
• OfferUp
• Mercari
• fomeno

What are the best cheap online thrift stores in Canada, U.K., and Australia?

These are the cheap thrift stores located in Canada, the U.K., and Australia;
• Vintage Marketplace
• Thriftsome
• Bissell Thrift Shop
• Thrift+


Thrifting is an excellent method to reduce pollution, reduce waste and save money. It also allows you to practice conscious consumption and aid in creating a circular economy. Find the top online thrift stores all over the U.S. and around the world to aid you in finding your new favorite outfit.

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