Celebrities Don’t Prefer to Dress According to the Weather

Celebrities don’t prefer to dress according to the weather, In the summer, putting on a blazer and wearing sheer dresses during winter is the norm for a few of our top fashion celebrities.

We’ll go on a limb and suggest that most people look up the weather forecast prior to dressing (or at the very least, try at making an educated prediction by looking out through the windows). If you’re in the middle of a rainstorm, it’s possible to put on your white sneakers and leave them at home. The hot and humid weather calls to wear clothes lightweight and airy as opposed to faux fur and leather.

However, celebrities seem to have an entirely different set of rules. We’ve seen a lot of them dress in UGG shoes and scarves in the colder months and change them into loose, slick designs when things get hot. But some of our most loved fashion icons are content to ignore the weather completely by wearing clothes that make any sense in terms of practicality.

Katie Holmes, for instance has been seen recently on the streets of New York City during a heatwave. She was wearing an oversized knit dress that was paired with a blanket-like shawl. For the casual fashionista this adorable ensemble could be considered a warm autumn outfit. However, it was a hot day in upper 90s that day and even the thought of trading our crop tops and shorts in exchange for Holmes outfits made us sweaty and hot. sweaty.

However, Holmes may not be the only one refusing to wear a dress appropriate to match the current fashion. At Paris Fashion Week back in March, Rihanna chose to highlight her pregnancy with a revealing black dress, even though the people who were around her wrapped up. Then, a few days later Dua Lipa ditched her coat in order to flaunt her skin-revealing denim despite the fact the weather was still cold within New York.

We’ve argued about the best outfits to wear for 50-degree days and which to wear for 60-degree days. However, celebrity stylist Tiffany Briseno is all for not paying attention to the thermometer or that which is considered standard, and dressing to suit your mood and mood.

“I’m a firm believer of fashion armor and the power it can bring,” she told InStyle. “No matter what the weather, if you want to wear a puffer coat in the club, go for it! It’s your armor so wear it proudly. If it feels good, it looks good.”

It seems like Jennifer Lopez’s moto also. The newlyweds are already sporting big boots and shackets encouraging us to wear our usual fall attire even if we’re buying swimwear.Of Of course there are other aspects to think about when it comes to this type of a non-seasonal wardrobe. If you’re mainly in the indoors and plan to spend the time outside the second you have to get to your car wearing a dress for a different temperature isn’t to be too excessive. Celebrities often have access to collections of designer brands ahead of the rest of the world, and so showing an unreleased look for the upcoming season kind of comes as part of the task.

Don't Prefer to Dress According to the Weather

Briseno will also discuss the importance of transitional seasons, such as the period between autumn and summer, as well as winter and spring where temperatures can change from cool to cold in just a couple of hours. “Like our ever-changing weather patterns nowadays, why stick to a predictable layer for that season when you can go rogue?”

If you’re looking to dress for a different season, or simply need to get a head into fall fashion then perhaps you should follow Bella Hadid’s style. The model is well-known for her unique fashion sense of dressing and mixing seemingly unrelated items with each other (and doing it with style) however there are a lot of tips to take from her clothes. She’s always in need of layers that can be removed when temperatures get hot and, in July, she put on knee-length boots that she was able to wear by wearing biker shorts.

All images inculeded from www.pexels.com