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Find Your New Favorite Brands Like Wicked Clothes

Alternative apparel brands like Wicked Clothes. Discover your new favorite brand and express yourself with bold fashion.

These top gothic fashion brands like Wicked Clothes can help you dress like an attractive girl and build a sense of style through elegant, chic clothing that exudes mystery and dark. The gothic style is gorgeously dark, dark, and steampunk. It is characterized by intense, modern, and mysterious aesthetics that are popular, trendy, and stand out to the masses.

A variety of sustainable apparel brands provide ethically-made alternative footwear, clothing, and accessories for an easy and stylish outfit influenced by gothic culture, gothic fiction, and gothic music.

Please look at our list below of the top ethical goth brands, such as Wicked Clothes, that make affordable and stylish clothing that meets the highest standards.

1. Tripp NYC

Established in the 1980s by the designer Daang Goodman from the East Village, Tripp NYC is a staple in New York City streetwear. It is regarded as one of the most popular goth stores of 2021; Tripp NYC’s clothes are also the basis for developing a “dark” street counter-culture that focuses on streetwear style.

Inspired by the creative spirit of the art scene downtown and the diversity of music genres, Daang’s unique designs and unique fabrics have given a place of expression for everybody, from rebellious teens to legendary rock stars and rap artists.

Tripp NYC is a brand like Wicked Clothes and leading the fashion with an original and avant-garde look to achieve the perfect fit for Daang’s signature bondage pants: exclusive wash techniques and hand-studding. Additionally, the brand’s collections stay current with trends emerging from TikTok and Instagram, like the”e-girl” style.

2. Void Clothing

Void Clothing is not a goth clothing label but rather an online store dedicated to gothic styles and located in Nottingham, UK. Void Clothing is your one-stop shop for everything goth related to fashion. In addition, there are alternative brands, such as Poizen Industries and Darkside.

I also love this goth-themed online store because of its exclusive shoes, size-inclusive clothing, and accessories for both goth women and men as well as children. Finally, if you’re looking for an ideal gift for your fellow goth friend, Void Clothing offers magical incense, tarot decks, and runestones reasonably priced.

3. Fox Blood

The brand was created in 2017 by the former stage stylist and red carpet fashion creator Lindsay Hearts; FoxBlood is an online full-scale modern noir goth clothing boutique based in downtown Los Angeles. The brand features brands like Wicked Clothes, a minimalist ready-to-wear range of premium and inclusively-sized vegan and non-animal goth and emo items.

One hundred percent owned and operated by women, Fox Blood regularly partners with non-profit organizations to support our community. Fox Blood signature pieces are produced in Los Angeles with a few variations – non-signature articles are hand-picked from goth-themed clothing stores worldwide.

4. Demonia

If you’re searching for brands like Wicked Clothes from beyond the normal to truly gothic, Demonia is today’s most popular goth-themed clothing store. In addition, one of the most renowned punk clothing companies, Demonia, sells fashionable, mid-priced footwear.

Think combat boots with platform Gothic Mary Janes and a variety of Creepers are only among the many designs available at the store. Additionally, Demonia is one of the few brands of gothic clothing on this list that offer free shipping worldwide.

While Demonia might not have the acclaim that New Rock – is a leading goth clothing company, the shoes are of similar design and quality, but not the cost associated with New Rock.

Demonia has male and female goth footwear. However, female footwear is where Demonia shines, with its stylized metallic heels and a tremendously fierce but feminine goth style.

5. Rogue Wolf

This is a goth alternative clothing brand similar to Wicked Clothes specializing in ‘witching equipment, clothing accessories, footwear, and even household items. If you want to find out who is the worst witch, you should check out Rogue Wolf.

The label of gothic clothing is specialized in occult-inspired goth clothes, costumes, and jewelry. The clothing style of the brand is akin to ‘Dark Academia, ‘ an emerging class out of TikTok and Tumblr.

6. Jawbreaker

Be cautious with your money. Jawbreaker is a brand that could become your go-to for alternative clothing. The company is based in East London, with our hearts remaining in old Camden Town; you can purchase the brand’s goth-inspired clothing online and in boutiques worldwide.

Overall, Jawbreaker offers a wide selection of gothic designs for both genders. Think skulls, tartan, skulls, and all the general mischief. The company is based in London and located in Camden Jawbreaker has the knowledge you require, goth clothes stylishly, even if you do not. The latest collection of Jawbreaker will have you covered from Victorian Gothic to Punk to Nu-Rave.

7. Burleska

A wholesaler company that supplies retail stores, Burleska has been a corset brand and alternative clothing brand such as Wicked Clothe fashion maker since 2006. From the numerous online stores selling alternate clothing, Burleska can be considered one of the most popular goth stores to purchase stunning and tragic clothes.

In the past private customers had access to their catalog of goth clothing login and placed orders for corsets and other gothic clothing items online. You can also shop at our boutique in the Camden Stables Market in London, UK.

Burleska offers its customers top-quality corsets and alternative clothing at an affordable prices. While the corsets, skirts and corset jackets, dresses, and more are produced at the factory of the brand in Nepal All design work is completed in London by skilled tailors.

8. Queen Of Darkness

Queen of Darkness is one of the top German gothic designers today. Queen of Darkness offers stunning gothic and darker styles for ladies and men. They also have unique EMO dresses, cardigans, tops, trousers, and bags.

Four style categories are found on Queen of Darkness’s Queen of Darkness homepage: Gothic Women, Gothic Men, Gothic Plus Sizes, and Gothic Accessories. For men, the most compelling description of the clothes of the Queen of Darkness is simple and subtle but striking and powerful.

However, this is the same for women, with an added shimmer, seductive gloss, and a goth-inspired fashion style. Imagine lace, net delicate makeup, and other bold accessories they create and sell on the internet.

Queen mixes high-end materials with striking designs to appeal to The Gothic, Metal, and Rockabilly scene. It’s an exciting mix of sheer and meshed fabrics, safety pins, metal hooks, rings, straps, and retro skull prints. Also, don’t be confused by the name of the brand since goths are covered in fantastic clothing, including kilts, pants, jackets, coats, and the list of items goes on and on.

9. New Rock

New Rock is hailed as the top goth clothing company that offers the best alternative to footwear, boots, and leather apparel today. I’m sure you’ve not seen anything like these previously because nobody else has them like New Rock.

In 1980, New Rock was founded and is based in Spain, New Rock created stunning footwear using genuine leather. The brand’s Wicked Clothes offering ranges from creepers to motorcycle boots, and the New Rock team can make shoes better than any other, which is why their products are of the highest quality.

The brand is considered the gold benchmark in the goth market for shoes. Although, it could be silver as the metal they use to decorate their stunning shoe designs. New Rock shoes mean complete and complete business. When you purchase the pair, you will keep them for the rest of your all time.

10. Toxico

Toxico is a goth clothes brand similar to Wicked Clothes that’s also popular for its sly hillbilly and gothic clothing. With sexy apparel like t-shirts and work shirts, clothes, and hoodies, they have insane designs on almost everything you wear.

Born and bred in the UK, Toxico is a super cool clothing brand for emo, goth, alternative, cutting-edge punk, and ‘psychobilly-inspired’ designs. Toxico was born in London’s thriving alternative market of Camden Market, where shoppers could enjoy their funky t-shirts.

  • The range of clothing the brand offers includes:
  • Short and long sleeve cardigans.
  • Hoodies.
  • T-shirts.
  • Jackets that sport sexy themes and slogans.

Skull-themed designs with skulls, occult symbolism, and even twisted pop culture are featured in Toxico’s designs.

Brand Like Wicked Clothes FAQs

What sites are similar to Wicked Clothes?

The top five competitors are Tripp NYC, Void Clothing, Fox Blood, Demonia, and Rogue Wolf.

Are Wicked Clothes a luxury brand?

Wicked Clothes is the first brand of occult ordinary, the creators of stunning witchcraft and black-themed clothing for both men and women.

Does anything go wrong in Wicked Clothes?

Wicked Clothes are rated “Average” on environmental friendliness. Using these materials-based fabrics ultimately causes global warming and the emission of greenhouse gases and, consequently, air pollution.

Final Thoughts

I am thrilled that emo goth, punk, and other clothes are now in great demand again. Goth clothing brands like Wicked Clothes inspire us all to be who we are, dress how we want, and enjoy the freedom to love who we wish to be.

Alternative, punk, goth Hope these labels allow you to be who you are and not conform to what society says you should do. Beyond the language and meaning of goth, emo metal, and alternative cyber, we’re all one in love and acceptance.

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